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PRO Fee Schedule

PUBLIC PROCEDURE PRO-PR-122 Issued: 2018-6-7, Revision: 6

1.1The purpose of this procedure is to define the fees, effective January 1, 2016, for ANSI accreditation in the Product Certification (PRO) accreditation program. The fee schedule for the accreditation programs covered by this procedure are contained in the annexes to this procedure. For services not contained in this procedure please contact ANSI for a quotation.
2.1CB: Certification Body.
2.2VVB: Validation/Verification Body
3.1Changes to the fees are suggested by the accreditation program management staff, and must be approved by the ANSI Vice President, Accreditation Services.
4Application Fee
4.1A nonrefundable application fee is due with the submission of the application for ANSI accreditation.
5Assessment Fee
5.1The assessment fee has two parts: 1) a daily rate, and 2) expenses.
5.2The daily rate is applied per day per assessor to the assessor day(s), onsite and offsite, necessary to complete the assessment, including but not limited to review of the initial application and any additional materials, review of annual surveillance self-reports (if required), document review, preparation of assessment reports, assessor travel time, and corrective action review (analysis of responses to citations). The daily rate is based upon an eight-hour work day.
5.3The assessment fee (daily rate per day per assessor plus expenses) applies to pre-assessments, initial assessments, annual surveillance assessments, reassessments, follow-up visits, witness assessments, and scope extension assessments. It also applies to extraordinary assessments (deemed necessary by ANSI in accordance with accreditation program policies and procedures), complaint investigations, transfers of accreditation and appeals processing.
5.4Expenses (travel, hotel, food, etc.) are invoiced based on the costs incurred.
5.5ANSI may require that estimated assessment fees be paid before undertaking any assessment activity. The difference between the estimated fees and the actual cost will be billed or refunded as appropriate.
6Annual Fee
6.1For all but the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) accreditation program, the annual fee shall be based upon the gross revenue of the accredited CB or VVB stemming from ANSI-accredited program(s), including all fees charged by the CB or VVB to its participants in such programs. The objective is to fairly apportion the general expenses of the ANSI accreditation program (including engagements with scheme owners) over all accredited CBs or VVBs in that program based on the relative value of ANSI accreditation to each one. Gross revenues of the accredited program are used as a measure of the relative value of ANSI accreditation to the CB or VVB. The measure of value applied to the CFP program is based upon the number of active certificants instead of revenue.
6.2The annual fee shall be based on the relevant revenue (per clause 6.1 above) from the previous calendar year.
6.3Upon loss of ANSI accreditation for any reason (e.g., withdrawal), a CB or VVB is also responsible for the annual fee based upon its gross revenue from ANSI-accredited program(s) from January 1 of that year until the date accreditation was lost.
6.4Failure to respond to ANSI's request for a report on the gross revenue of the accredited programs for the previous calendar year may result in the assessment of an annual fee equal to the most recent annual fee plus 2%.
7Appeal Fee
7.1The appeal fee is $1,000, due with submission of the appeal. Subsequent fees associated with staff attendance at the appeals hearing are charged at the applicable assessment daily rate per staff member per day, plus expenses.
7.2If the ruling is in favor of the appellant, all appeals fees shall be refunded to the appellant.
8Scope Extension Fee
8.1A nonrefundable scope extension fee is due with the submission of the scope extension request.
9Other Fees
9.1Translation costs: ANSI may charge the cost of translation or interpretation services necessary when documentation is not provided in English, or CB personnel participating in assessments do not speak English.
9.2Cancellation fees: In the event a CB or VVB cancels or reschedules a confirmed assessment, ANSI may charge the CB or VVB all associated non-refundable travel expenses and all assessor time spent prior to the cancellation.
9.3Revised Certificates: CBs and VVBs will be charged $100 per request for revised certificates of accreditation in these circumstances: requests for additional or replacement certificates; changes in legal entity status.
9.4Idle Time: ANSI may charge a CB or VVB an agreed-upon Idle Time fee in the event a CB or VVB defines an assessment schedule that includes non-working workdays, such as may occur when one or several assessments are to be conducted during a single trip that includes one or more weekends.
9.5Weekend/Holiday Activity Fee: ANSI may charge a CB or VVB an agreed-upon Weekend/Holiday Fee when assessment activities are scheduled on a weekend or U.S. observed holiday.
9.6Evening Rate: ANSI may charge a CB or VVB an agreed-upon rate (above the applicable Daily Rate) for remote assessments of locations outside the U.S. that require an assessor to perform the assessment outside of a regular 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. workday in the time zone of the CB's or VVB's headquarters location.
10Payment Terms
10.1ANSI invoices are to be paid in full by the due date on the invoice (30 days from invoice date). All fees are payable in U.S. dollars only. If ANSI does not receive payment within 60 calendar days of the invoice date (payment is 30 days late), a monthly 1.5% interest charge will be assessed on the outstanding amount due, backdating to the initial invoice due date. This 1.5% monthly interest will continue to accrue until the invoice is paid in full. Late payments may result in further action per the ANSI policies and procedures.
10.2All sums payable under the ANSI Accreditation fee schedule are exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and any other duties or taxes. Any VAT or other duties or taxes payable with respect to such sums shall be payable in addition to such sums.
10.3The CB or VVB is responsible for paying the fees associated with collecting any unpaid invoices through a collection agency.
AAnnex A: Product Certification Accreditation Program Fee Schedule
A.1Application Fee (nonrefundable): $5,000
A.1.1Application Fee for accredited CBs seeking to add new industry certification schemes (i.e., ENERGY STAR, SQF, etc.) or new certification schemes that include products that are outside of the technical areas for which the CB has been evaluated and accredited by ANSI: $2,500 (nonrefundable).
A.2Daily Rate: $1,250
A.2.1Idle Time Rate: $200 per assessor per idle day
A.2.2Holiday/Weekend Rate: Daily Rate + $250
A.2.3Evening Rate: $1,400
A.3Annual Fee: based upon revenue in the preceding calendar year attributable to the accredited program
$500,001$12,500,0000.6% of revenue
Over $12,500,000$75,000
A.4Scope Extension Fee (nonrefundable): $1,500
BAnnex B: Eco-labeling Accreditation Program Fee Schedule
The fee schedule in Annex A applies to the Eco-labeling Accreditation Program with the following exceptions or additions.
B.1Eligibility Fee (nonrefundable) for Environmental Labeling Certification Scheme Owners or Program Operators for Type III Environmental Labels and Declarations: $3,000
B.1.1Renewal of Eligibility Fee (nonrefundable) - $5,000 every third year for continued eligibility
B.2Eligibility Day Rate: $1,250
CAnnex C: Health Information Technology Accreditation Program Fee Schedule
The fee schedule in Annex A applies to the Health Information Technology Accreditation Program with the following exceptions or additions:
C.1Daily Rate: $1,600
DAnnex D: FSMA Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (VQIP) Fee Schedule
The fee schedule in Annex A applies to the FSMA Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (VQIP) with the following exceptions or additions:
D.1Application fee for new applicants: $5,000
D.1.1Application fee for CBs that applied for FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP): $2,500
D.2Day rate: $1,600

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