Control Union Peru SAC

Accreditation ID 9120
Organization Control Union Peru SAC
Av. Petit Thouars No 4653 Piso 06 - Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Letter Code CUPE
Accreditation Certificate  Initial Accreditation - CanadaGAP

Accredited Scopes

CanadaGAP Program Management Manual Version 9.0 - April 2021
CanadaGAP Food Safety Manuals Version 9.0 - April 2021
Combined Vegetables
Greenhouse Produce
Leafy Vegetable and Cruciferae
Small Fruit
Tree and Vine Fruit
International Featured Standards (IFS) Food, Version 7 October 2020
Product Category 01: Red and white meat, poultry and meat products
Product Category 02: Fish and fish products
Product Category 03: Egg and egg products
Product Category 04: Dairy products
Product Category 05: Fruits and Vegetables
Product Category 06: Grain products, cereals, industrial bakery and pastry, confectionary, snacks
Product Category 07: Combined products
Product Category 08: Beverages
Product Category 09: Oils and fats
Product Category 10: Dry goods, other ingredients and supplements
Product Category 11: Pet food
PrimusGFS General Regulations Version 3.2 January 2021
Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
Harvest Crew
Indoor Agriculture
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
Cooler Cold Storage
Processing of Ambient Stable Products
Processing of Perishable Animal and Plant Products (mixed products)
Processing Perishable Plant Products
Storage and Distribution