1st Solution Certification USA, Inc.

Accreditation ID 9143
Organization 1st Solution Certification USA, Inc.
22015 Westland Creek, Katy, TX, 77449, United States
Letter Code FIRSTSC
Accreditation Certificate  KABDDOFY

Accredited Scopes

IFS Broker
IFS Logistics
IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry
International Featured Standard (IFS) Food Version 8, April 2023
Product Category 01: Red and white meat, poultry and meat products
Product Category 02: Fish and fish products
Product Category 03: Egg and egg products
Product Category 04: Dairy products
Product Category 05: Fruits and Vegetables
Product Category 06: Grain products, cereals, industrial bakery and pastry, confectionary, snacks
Product Category 07: Combined products
Product Category 08: Beverages
Product Category 09: Oils and fats
Product Category 10: Dry goods, other ingredients and supplements
Product Category 11: Pet food
International Featured Standards (IFS) PACSecure Version 2, 2 July 2021
Flexible plastic
Glass and ceramic
Metals and alloys
Other natural materials
Other packaging components
Paper and board
Rigid plastic