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MenuTrinfo, LLC

Accreditation ID 1142
Organization MenuTrinfo, LLC
2629 Redwing Rd., Suite 280, Fort Collins, CO, 80526, United States
Letter Code MET
Accreditation Certificate  Initial Accreditation

Accredited Scopes

55.020 Packaging and distribution of goods in general
67.020 Processes in the food industry
67.040 Food products in general
67.050 General methods of tests and analysis for food products
67.060 Cereals, pulses and derived products
67.080 Fruits. Vegetables
67.080.01 Fruits, vegetables and derived products in general
67.080.10 Fruits and derived products
67.080.20 Vegetables and derived products
67.100 Milk and milk products
67.100.01 Milk and milk products in general
67.100.10 Milk and processed milk products
67.100.20 Butter
67.100.30 Cheese
67.100.40 Ice cream and ice confectionery
67.100.99 Other milk products
67.120 Meat, meat products and other animal produce
67.120.01 Animal produce in general
67.120.10 Meat and meat products
67.120.20 Poultry and eggs
67.120.30 Fish and fishery products
67.120.99 Other animal produce
67.140 Tea. Coffee. Cocoa
67.140.10 Tea
67.140.20 Coffee and coffee substitutes
67.140.30 Cocoa
67.160 Beverages
67.160.01 Beverages in general
67.160.10 Alcoholic beverages
67.160.20 Non-alcoholic beverages
67.180 Sugar. Sugar products. Starch
67.180.10 Sugar and sugar products
67.180.20 Starch and derived products
67.190 Chocolate
67.200 Edible oils and fats. Oilseeds
67.200.10 Animal and vegetable fats and oils
67.200.20 Oilseeds
67.220 Spices and condiments. Food additives
67.220.10 Spices and condiments
67.220.20 Food additives
67.230 Prepackaged and prepared foods
67.240 Sensory analysis
67.250 Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs
67.260 Plants and equipment for the food industry