Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc.

Accreditation ID 0204
Organization Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc.
Letter Code INTERTEK
Accreditation Certificate  2023-12-01 ETL Schemes Continued Accreditation
 2023-12-01 TE GOTS Continued Accreditation
 2023-12-01 Functional Safety Continued Accreditation

Accredited Scopes

PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
PEFC ST 2001:2020 PEFC Trademarks Rules - Requirements
PEFC ST 2002:2020 Chain of Custody of Forest and Tree Based Products - Requirements
PEFC ST 2003:2020 Requirements for Certification Bodies operating Certification against the PEFC International Chain of Custody Standard
SFI 2022 Standards and Rules
Section 10: SFI 2022 Audit Procedures and Auditor Qualifications and Accreditation
Section 4: SFI 2022 Chain-Of-Custody Standard
Section 5: SFI 2022 Certified Sourcing Standard
Section 6: Rules for Use of SFI On-Product Labels and Off-Product Marks