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AIB International Certification Services, Inc.

Accreditation ID 0835
Organization AIB International Certification Services, Inc.
1213 Bakers Way, Manhattan, KS, 66505-3999, United States
Letter Code AIBI
Accreditation Certificate  Revised BRC Packaging scope

Accredited Scopes

IFS Logistics
International Featured Standards (IFS) Food, Version 7 October 2020
Product Category 01: Red and white meat, poultry and meat products
Product Category 02: Fish and fish products
Product Category 03: Egg and egg products
Product Category 04: Dairy products
Product Category 05: Fruits and Vegetables
Product Category 06: Grain products, cereals, industrial bakery and pastry, confectionary, snacks
Product Category 07: Combined products
Product Category 08: Beverages
Product Category 09: Oils and fats
Product Category 10: Dry goods, other ingredients and supplements
Product Category 11: Pet food
International Featured Standards (IFS) PACSecure Version 2, 2 July 2021
Flexible plastic
Glass and ceramic
Metals and alloys
Other natural materials
Other packaging components
Paper and board
Rigid plastic

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