UL Verification Services Inc.

Accreditation ID 1054
Organization UL Verification Services Inc.
333 Pfingsten Road, Northbrook, IL, 60062, United States
Letter Code ULVS
Website http://www.ul.com
Accreditation Certificate  (2023-12-01) Continued Accreditation - GRMA
 (2023-12-01) Revised - SQF_NBCP_RCP
 Revised and updated
 Updated ENERGY STAR scopes
 ULE REVISED 2022-12-09

Key Locations

FREMONT CA 47173 Benicia Street & 843 Auburn Street Fremont, CA 94538, United States
Headquarters 333 Pfingsten Road Northbrook, IL 60062, United States

Accredited Scopes

ISED Radio Scope 1 - Licence-exempt Radio Frequency Devices
ISED Radio Scope 2 - Licensed Personal Mobile Radio Services
ISED Radio Scope 3 - Licensed General Mobile and Fixed Radio Services
ISED Radio Scope 4 - Licensed Maritime and Aviation Radio Services
ISED Radio Scope 5 - Licensed Fixed Microwave Radio Services
ISED Radio Scope 6 - Hearing Aid Compatibility and Volume Control