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Global Standards S.C.

Accreditation ID 1160
Organization Global Standards S.C.
Pedro Moreno 1677, P-4,, Oficina 3, Colonia Americana, Guadalajara Jalisco, 44160, Mexico
Letter Code GSSC
Accreditation Certificate  FSMA TPP Initial Accreditation
 FSMA FSVP Initial Accreditation
 Continued Accreditation

Accredited Scopes

(FDA FSMA SubPart M) GlobalSTD Foreing Supplier Audit Program (FSAP) using:

(FDA FSMA SubPart M) Title 21 CFR Parts 1, 11, and 16 - Accreditation of Third-Party Certification Bodies to Conduct Food Safety Audits and to Issue Certifications; Subpart M - Final Rule

FDA Voluntary Qualified Importer Program Guidance for Industry (FDA Rules), November 2016 (21 CFR Subpart M)

Third-Party Certification Body Accreditation for Food Safety Audits: Model Accreditation Standards: Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff, December 2016

  • 112: Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing and Holding of Produce for Human Consumption
  • 117: Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis and Risk Based Preventive Controls for Human Food
  • 120: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) {Juice HACCP}
  • 123: Fish and Fishery Products {Seafood HACCP}

GlobalSTD Foreing Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) using:

(FDA FSMA SubPart L) 21 CFR Parts 1, 11 and 111 Foreign Supplier Verification Programs for Importers of Food for Humans and Animals; Final Rule Subpart L

  • Infant Formula (Part 106)
  • Dietary Supplements (Part 111)
  • Produce (Part 112)
  • Low Acid Canned Food (Part 113)
  • Acidified Foods (Part 114)
  • Shell Eggs (Part 115, Part 118)
  • Preventive Controls for Human Food (PC) (Part 117)
  • HACCP (Juice) (Part 120)
  • HACCP (Seafood) (Part 123)
  • Irradiation of Human Food (Part 179)
  • PC for Animal Food (Part 507)
SQF Code 7.2 Edition, July 2014
Module 02: SQF System elements
Module 03: Animal Feed Safety Fundamentals GMP for Compound Feed Production
Module 04: Pet food Safety Fundamentals GMP for Processing of Pet Food Products
Module 09: Food Safety Fundamentals GMP for pre-processing of animal products
Module 10: Food Safety Fundamentals GMP for pre-processing of plant products
Module 11: Food Safety Fundamentals GMP for processing of food products
Module 12: Food Safety Fundamentals GDP for transport and distribution of food Products
Module 13: Food Safety Fundamentals GMP for production of food packaging
Module 16: Requirements for SQF Multi-site Programs Managed by a Central Site

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