Transfer of Accreditation

PUBLIC PROCEDURE PRO-PR-126 Issued: 2022-11-13, Revision: 1

References PRO-PL-102: Manual of Operations for Accreditation of Product Certification Programs
1.1The purpose of this procedure is to define the rules concerning the transfer of ANAB accreditation.
3.1ANAB retains the sole responsibility for the granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending, withdrawing or transferring of accreditation and shall not delegate this responsibility to a third party.
3.2ANAB shall not transfer accreditation from one accredited body to a non-accredited body.
3.3ANAB shall perform, or have performed on its behalf, an accreditation assessment if there are changes in a certification body's:
a)legal, commercial or organizational status;
b)organization and management, i.e., key managerial staff;
c)policies and procedures (where appropriate);
e)personnel, equipment, facilities , working environment or other significant resources; and/or
f)other such matters that may affect the accreditation body's capability or any other relevant criteria specified by ANAB.
3.4All bodies accredited by ANAB are responsible for informing ANAB immediately if any of the changes specified in paragraph 3.3 occur. Failure to notify ANAB of any such changes may result in the accredited organization being suspended.
3.5ANAB reserves the right to decide on the scope of the assessment as a result of any changes in an organization as described in 3.3 a) to f).
3.6All initial assessments, surveillances or reassessments shall be done in accordance with the relevant ANAB requirements (ANAB accreditation assessment-certification bodies).