Misuse of Accreditation

PUBLIC PROCEDURE PRO-PR-128 Issued: 2022-11-13, Revision: 1

References ANSI-PR-004: Appeals
ANSI-PR-005: Complaints
1.1This procedure describes the necessary steps that ANAB should take with regard to the misuse of accreditation.
3General Provision
3.1The accredited certification body holds total responsibility for the use and promotion of accreditation. It assumes the charges and is subject to penalties imposed if an infraction is discovered.
4Misuse of the Accreditation
4.1Among others, the following are considered examples of misuse:
a)use of accreditation before the contract with ANAB is signed;
b)use of accreditation after withdrawal of the contract;
c)misuse of promoting that is in disagreement with item 5 of this procedure;
d)use of accreditation outside of the validity of the contract/certificate;
e)use of accreditation during the time of suspension;
f)use of accreditation for other scopes for which the organization was not accredited;
g)use of accreditation without fulfilling the obligations defined in the contract;
h)failure to follow procedures and rules established in the accreditation process; and
i)use of accreditation symbol jointly with the certification body mark in the product certified by this body.
5Promotional Diffusion
5.1When the accredited body has a commercial or advertising catalog, the reference to accreditation can only be made in specific fields of the accredited scopes, without raising any doubt for which area the body was accredited.
5.2Any publicity involving under-evaluation of the accreditation, abusive, false or extensive to other scopes not having been accredited should not be published.
6.1The penalties for misuse of the accreditation by accredited organizations are:
b)suspension of accreditation, partial or total, without withdrawing the contract;
c)withdrawal of accreditation certificate of the contract.
6.1.1ANAB can apply any of these penalties independently of the sequence established in item 6.1 above.
6.2In case of withdrawal or suspension of the accreditation, the certification body needs to inform its clients about the decision taken by ANAB.
7.1If the accredited certification body does not agree with the accreditation decision taken by ANAB, it can formally appeal to ANAB against the decision (PR 1024 Appeal Procedure).