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PUBLIC NOTICE PRO-NT-102 Issued: 2010-1-15, Revision: 0

1.1The objective of this notice is to provide clarification about the presence on-site of all TCB evaluators/reviewers during the ANSI assessment.
3Effective Date
February 27, 2006
4.1During an ANSI Accrediation Committee meeting on July 14, 2005, a point was raised that requiring all TCB evaluators/reviewers to be present on-site during the ANSI assessment would increase operational costs.
4.2After discussion with FCC and NIST/NVCASE representatives, the following decision was taken:
All reviewers/evaluators who work for an accredited TCB must be interviewed by the ANSI technical assessor on-site within an accreditation cycle (two years) (Surveillance and Re-assessment). However, ANSI continues to retain the right to assess a TCB reviewer/evaluator during any particular assessment as deemed necessary. For example, a TCB reviewer/evaluator would be required to participate during the next scheduled assessment if that reviewer/evaluator is a new employee or if that employee's qualifications had been expanded by the TCB since his/her last evaluation.
4.3This notice will become effective during assesments to be conducted in 2006. For further information, please contact Reinaldo Figueiredo (

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