Mechanism to Close Nonconformities

PUBLIC NOTICE PRO-NT-105 Issued: 2010-1-15, Revision: 0

References PRO-PR-106: Identification of Non-Conformities and Implementation of Corrective and Preventive Actions by Accredited and Applicant CBs
ISO/IEC 17011: Conformity assessment - Requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies
1.1The objective of this notice is to specify the mechanism for closing nonconformities that ANAB Lead and Technical Assessors shall use.
3Effective date
April 21, 2008
4.1ANAB lead assessors and technical experts shall use this mechanism to identify those NCRs which must be tracked on ANSICA:
a)until the provision of objective evidence demonstrates evidence of conformity (Type 1 Response)
b)until the provision of objective evidence demonstrates the completion of the corrective action (Type 2 Response)
c)until the provision of objective evidence demonstrates a satisfactory corrective action plan (Type 3 Response)
4.2Through the use of these options in PRO-PR-106, the ANAB Assessor shall identify the level of content/updates needed on ANSICA prior to closing the NCR. Disallowance of Type 2 or Type 3 responses shall be noted for the NCR when it is finalized in the ANSICA database.
NOTE: This process is valid for all accreditation programs managed by ANAB under ISO/IEC 17065 requirements.
4.3For further information, contact ANAB staff.