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Request for Technical Reviewer and Certifier Information

PUBLIC NOTICE PRO-NT-106 Issued: 2010-1-15, Revision: 0

References PRO-NT-102: Accreditation of TCB Programs
1.1The objective of this notice is to inform TCBs regarding the requirements for the onsite presence of technical reviewers and certifiers during ANSI assessments.
3Effective date
May 6, 2008
4.1ANSI has established a policy that a technical reviewer/certifier must be available on-site during your assessment at least once every two years. One approach to implement this requirement that works well is for the TCB to have at least one-half of its technical reviewers/certifiers on-site for each assessment. New technical reviewers/certifiers or technical reviewers/certifiers who have expanded scopes since your last assessment are typically required to be available on-site during your next assessment. Additionally, in March 2006, ANSI established technical requirements for certifiers who will be assessed during your on-site visit.
4.2Therefore, to prepare for your upcoming assessment, please provide the ANSI Technical Expert for your assessment with a list of all technical reviewers and certifiers along with the following information for each technical reviewer and certifier:
a)identify the certification body scopes for which they have been qualified as technical reviewers or certifiers;
b)indicate if any of the technical reviewers or certifiers is new or has expanded scopes since your last assessment;
c)indicate if they were available on-site during your last assessment;
d)identify which technical reviewers or certifiers will be available on-site during your upcoming assessment.
4.3Additionally, the technical reviewers and certifiers will be assessed on their ability to conduct core laboratory tests. Please have a radiated emissions test site available (does not necessarily need to be a calibrated site), so that these assessments may be conducted. The second day of the assessment is usually the best time to conduct these evaluations. The Technical Expert will provide a device for testing.
NOTE 1: This ANSI notice is to be used in connection with ANSI Notice PRO-NT-103 stipulating that the certification decision on the TCB application shall be made by an authorized individual with sufficient technical background to understand and interpret all test conditions, results and final analysis.
NOTE 2: If technical reviewers or certifiers need further information on the above policy with FCC requirements, please refer to the TCB Roles and Responsibilities paper published by the FCC.
4.4For further information, contact Reinaldo Figueiredo (

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