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PRO Fee Schedule for Health Information Technology Accreditation Program

PUBLIC PROCEDURE PRO-PR-122-HIT Issued: 2011-8-26, Revision: 0

References ANSI-PR-004: Appeals
ANSI-PR-005: Complaints
PRO-PL-101: Policy and Criteria for Accreditation of Product Certification Programs
1.1This procedure defines the fees for ANSI Product Certification Accreditation Program.
2.1CB: Certification Body.
3.1Changes to the fees associated with the Product Certification Accreditation Program are suggested by the Program’s management staff and must be approved by the ANSI Vice President, Accreditation Services.
4Application Fee
4.1Non-refundable application fee is $5,000. This fee is payable by the applicant CB upon submitting the full application for ANSI accreditation.
5Assessment Fees
5.1The assessment fees are $1,600 per day per assessor plus expenses. This rate is applied to the assessor day(s) necessary to complete the assessment, including the review of the initial application and any additional materials as well as analysis of responses to corrective actions and preparation of the assessment report. Assessors are provided with guidelines regarding expenses associated with hotels and meals that are closely aligned with accepted customary United States governmental rates. Travel time is billed based on the formula (T-2hrs)/2 which means that ANSI shall bill for ½ of assessors’ travel time beyond the initial 2 hours.
5.2Fees associated with surveillances, reassessments, follow-up visits, witness assessments, scope extension assessments and any extraordinary assessments are also based on the $1,600 per assessor per day rate and apply to review of materials, onsite assessments, preparation of reports and review of corrective actions.
5.3Assessor and staff daily rates used in this document are based on 8 hour work day.
6Annual Fee
6.1The Annual Fee shall be based upon a percentage of the gross revenues of the CBs stemming from ANSI-accredited program(s), including all fees charged by the CB to its participants in such programs. The objective is to fairly apportion the general expenses of the ANSI accreditation program over all accredited CBs based on the relative value of ANSI accreditation to each one. The table in Figure 1 details the specific rules for calculating the Annual Fee.
$375,000$13,750,0000.4% of revenue
Over $13,750,000$55,000
6.2Annual Fee shall be payable on each anniversary of the CB’s initial accreditation and shall be based on the relevant revenue per clause 6.1 above from the previous calendar year.
7Appeal Fee
7.1The Appeal Fee is $1,000. Subsequent fees associated with staff attendance at the appeals hearings are charged at $1,600 per staff member per day plus direct expenses. If the ruling is in favor of the appellant, all appeals fees shall be refunded to the appellant.
8Scope Extension Fee
8.1Scope Extension Fee is $1,000 per application. Payment must be received along with the application.

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