Rules Governing the Use/Misuse of the ANAB Eligibility Symbol by an Eligible Scheme Owner or Program Operator

PUBLIC NOTICE PRO-NT-117 Issued: 2022-9-22, Revision: 2

References ISO 14020 Environmental labels and declarations- General principles
ISO 14024 Environmental labels and declarations -- Type I environmental labelling - Principles and procedures
ISO 14025 Environmental labels and declarations -- Type III environmental declarations - Principles and procedures
ISO/IEC 17011 Conformity assessment - Requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies
1.1This notice describes the conditions governing the use of the ANAB Eligibility symbol or any reference to ANAB Eligibility by a Program Operator. It also contains the requirements for a Program Operator to notify the organizations that issue EPDs in the event that Eligibility is withdrawn by ANAB.
2.1As a general rule, definitions in ISO 14020, ISO 14024, and ISO 14025 are applicable.
2.2STATEMENT OF ELIGIBILITY: formal document or a set of documents, stating that Eligibility has been granted to a program operator for the defined set of scopes.
2.3ELIGIBILITY SYMBOL: symbol issued by ANAB to be used by an eligible Program Operator.
2.4ELIGIBLE PROGRAM: An ANAB evaluated Program Operator whose demonstrates adherence to requirements contained in applicable international standards.
3Form and Display of ANAB Eligibility symbol and Reference to ANAB Eligibility
3.1The ANAB Eligibility symbol shall be displayed only in the appropriate form, size, and color detailed in Annex A to this notice.
3.2The Eligibility number (client ID) may be printed centrally under the Eligibility symbol. The Eligibility number shall appear in the four-digit format.
3.3An eligible program shall neither use the ANAB Eligibility symbol in any misleading manner, nor shall it imply in their use of their symbol program logo/documents or in any reference to ANAB Eligibility that ANAB approves of its products, processes or services.
For Program Operators using a non ANAB accredited certification body to validate/verify their EPDs, A disclaimer shall be in close proximity to the eligibility logo stating:
“This EPD was not verified/Validated by an ANAB Accredited Certification Body”.
3.4The ANAB Eligibility symbol may be displayed on organizational stationery/letterhead with the following conditions:
a)Only if the symbol or title of the eligible program concerned is also shown; and
b)With no more prominence than the symbol of the eligible program.
3.5The ANAB Eligibility symbol shall not be used in any way that might mislead the reader regarding the status of an eligible program.
3.6Eligible programs shall ensure that the ANAB Eligibility symbol it uses is the approved symbol supplied to it by ANAB.
3.7All references that contain the ANAB Eligibility symbol or refer to ANAB Eligibility shall clearly define that it is related to the scope of eligibility as defined in the issued Statement of Eligibility.
3.8When a statement of Eligibility is used by an eligible program that incorporates an ANAB Eligibility symbol, refers to ANAB Eligibility, or includes any of the appropriate disclaimers, the disclaimers shall be included on the front cover or first page of each statement or wherever the symbol or reference to Eligibility appears.
3.9The ANAB Eligibility symbol shall not be displayed on any product or its packaging.
3.9.1To request approval to use the phrase “An ANAB Eligible Program –Eligibility number” the eligible program shall:
a)Submit a request to use the wording to ANAB; and
b)Submit a pictorial representation of how the wording will appear in conjunction with the eligible program's own symbol on the document.
3.9.2ANAB shall respond within 30 days as to whether the use of the wording as proposed by the eligible program is acceptable.
3.9.3The eligible program shall bear responsibility for obtaining any required copyrights and for monitoring the use of the wording and ensuring that the wording is not misused.
4Use of ANAB Eligibility Symbol or Reference to ANAB Eligibility in Publicity Material
4.1An Eligible program is entitled to incorporate an ANAB Eligibility symbol in publicity material that refers to its eligibility status, provided that the conditions in this procedure are met. An Eligible program is also entitled to make general reference to the ANAB Eligibility provided it ensures that ANAB Eligibility is not implied for non-eligible programs/ activities.
5Other Restrictions on the Use of the ANAB Eligibility Symbol or Reference to ANAB Eligibility
5.1The ANAB Eligibility symbol shall not be used in any misleading manner. This includes the use of the symbol in such a way as to imply that ANAB has:
a)Accredited the eligible program.
b)Approved any product, process or service listed in the EPD.
5.2The ANAB Eligibility symbol shall not be used in such a way as to imply that ANAB accepts responsibility for activities carried out under the scope of Eligibility.
5.3Upon withdrawal of ANAB Eligibility, an eligible program shall immediately cease to issue statements and any other materials displaying the ANAB Eligibility symbol or containing reference to ANAB Eligibility.
5.4Any use of the ANAB Eligibility symbol that might contravene the conditions set out in this notice will be considered a misuse of the symbol and subject to legal action which may include withdrawal of ANAB Eligibility, publication of the transgression or other action deemed necessary by ANAB to maintain the integrity of its symbol.
6Modification of the ANAB Eligibility Symbol
6.1Upon any modifications to the ANAB Eligibility symbol, ANAB will immediately inform an eligible program of its changes and proper use.
7Use of Statement of Eligibility
7.1The Statement of Eligibility that have been issued to the eligible program can be used in advertisements or other material used for business purposes. The symbol will be provided by ANAB.
AAnnex A
A.1ANAB’s Trademark (Logo)
A.1.1Eligible Program meeting the eligibility requirements set forth by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) may choose to use the appropriate symbols shown below. ANAB’s trademark (logo) shall not be used by an eligible program in connection with their promotions or communications regarding ANAB Eligibility. The “ANAB Eligible …” symbols have been designed so that they resemble the ANAB trademark (logo), but each carries its own distinct message. Eligible Programs that have been evaluated by ANAB and that choose to use the appropriate symbols should begin implementation as soon as possible.
A.2Image Specifications
A.2.1The "ANAB Eligible Program" symbols shall be reproduced on a background that will not impede readability:
a)In the approved graphic formats (supplied upon request);
b)In a size that makes all features of the symbol clearly distinguishable; and
c)Without distortion of its dimensions.