Process to Review CIPRO's Audit Report of ANAB Accredited Certification Bodies for the GLOBALG.A.P. Program

PUBLIC PROCEDURE PRO-PR-160-GGAP Issued: 2022-11-13, Revision: 2

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1.1This procedure describes the activities to be implemented by the ANAB product certification accreditation program in response to requirements of the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Integrity Program (CIPRO).
2.1As a general rule, definitions of ISO/IEC 17000 and ISO 9000 are applicable.
2.2SCOPE OF ACCREDITATION: Scope of accreditation of a certification body means the area(s) of competence for which the body's certification activity is covered by accreditation.
2.3CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT: demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product process, system, person or body are fulfilled.
2.4ASSESSOR: Person qualified with respect to ANAB ACP requirements to perform accreditation assessments to a standard/requirement and who complies with ANAB ACP requirements.
2.5LEAD ASSESSOR: Person qualified with respect to ANAB ACP requirements to perform accreditation assessments with respect to ISO/IEC 17065 and who is responsible for leading a team of assessors during the assessment of a certification body and to reports the findings to ANAB ACP. A Lead Assessor can also be a technical expert.
2.6TECHNICAL EXPERT: any individual who is generally accepted by peers as being competent in a specific subject area(s) and qualified by ANAB as expert in accordance with specific requirements. (Can be qualified as an Assessor or Lead Assessor as well.)
2.7ASSESSMENT TEAM: persons affiliated with ANAB who are responsible for successfully implementing the assessment of the certification body. The team consists of the ANAB staff, assessors and experts.
2.8SURVEILLANCE: set of activities, except reassessment, to monitor the continued fulfillment by accredited certification bodies of requirements for accreditation.
2.9WITNESS ASSESSMENT: assessment of the certification body as the CB auditor/inspector carries out conformity assessment services within the scope of accreditation.
2.10CERTIFICATION INTEGRITY PROGRAM (CIPRO) AUDIT: established by FoodPlus to verify, maintain and where necessary increase the value of the GLOBALG.A.P. certificates by ensuring the producers and certified products comply with the GLOBALG.A.P. certification scheme.
2.11CIPRO SCOPE: includes all accredited GLOBALG.A.P. scopes, sub scopes and benchmarked schemes and any incidence that could affect the integrity of the certification body certificate.
2.12ANAB ACCREDITATION COMMITTEE: Committee established by the ANAB with responsibility for providing input on the operational aspects of ANAB's accreditation programs and related activities.
2.13EVALUATION TASK GROUP: A group of 2-3 volunteers selected from ACC members who review the accreditation process inputs and make recommendations on accreditations, extensions or reductions in scope, and suspensions or withdrawals of accreditations.
3.1CIPRO Notification
3.1.1The ANAB product accreditation program receives notification from GLOBALG.A.P. that the CIPRO is planning to conduct an audit of an ANAB accredited certification body.
3.1.2The CIPRO audit may be conducted at the:
a)Accredited certification body headquarters or satellite office; and/or
b)Supplier of GLOBALG.A.P. Certified Products
3.2ANAB Notification to the Accredited Certification Body
3.2.1ANAB shall send to the accredited certification body the notification received from the CIPRO program within 10 days of receipt.
3.2.2ANAB shall notify the accredited certification body, in writing, of the decision by the ANAB Director of Accreditation to participate or not to participate as an observer of the CIPRO audit.
3.2.3If the CIPRO audit yields any non-conformities, ANAB shall notify the accredited certification body of any follow-up visits to be conducted by ANAB to assess that the corrective/preventive actions proposed by the accredited certification body have been implemented.
3.3ANAB Notification to the CIPRO Program
3.3.1ANAB shall notify the CIPRO representative if an ANAB assessor will be assigned to participate as an observer in the CIPRO audit.
3.3.2ANAB shall also notify GLOBALG.A.P. of any actions taken by the ANAB accreditation program as a result of the audit conducted by the GLOBALG.A.P. CIPRO auditors.
3.4Receipt and Review of the CIPRO Report
3.4.1Upon receipt of the CIPRO audit report from GLOBALG.A.P. the ANAB product certification staff shall review the findings from the CIPRO audit.
3.4.2If the CIPRO report reveals that there are no systemic problems, ANAB product certification staff shall request that the accredited certification body provide to ANAB their corrective and preventive action plans.
3.4.3If the CIPRO audit report reveals systemic problems, ANAB shall assign a Lead Assessor/Technical Expert to conduct a follow up assessment to verify implementation of the corrective and preventative action plan within 30 days.
3.4.4In all cases ANAB shall request a teleconference with the accredited certification body representative to discuss the results of the CIPRO report, including any issued nonconformities.
3.5ANAB Follow-Up Assessment
3.5.1ANAB shall appoint an Evaluation Task Group to monitor the ANAB follow-up assessment process.
3.5.2In the event that the Evaluation Task Group deems it necessary to conduct a follow-up assessment, ANAB shall assigned a Lead assessor/Technical expert to conduct the follow-up assessment to determine if the accredited certification body has implemented the corrective and preventative action plans sufficiently in response to the CIPRO audit findings.
3.6Results of the ANAB Follow-up Assessment
3.6.1At the conclusion of the ANAB follow-up assessment the ANAB assigned assessment team shall develop an assessment report to detail their findings.
3.6.2ANAB shall submit the final version of the assessment report to the accredited certification body and the Evaluation Task Group Members for their review.
3.6.3If the ANAB follow-up assessment results in a determination by the Evaluation Task Group that the accredited certification body has not implemented their proposed corrective and preventative action plans, ANAB staff shall follow/implement the product accreditation program policies and procedure for the suspension and withdrawal of the accreditation, as applicable.
3.7ANAB Continuous Improvement
3.7.1In all cases the ANAB product certification program will take into consideration the results of the CIPRO audit as valid input for future assessments of the accredited certification body, as well as for the continuous improvement of the ANAB product accreditation program for the GLOBALG.A.P. certification scheme.