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ANSI Notice on Process for Implementing IMDA of Singapore Requirements

PUBLIC NOTICE PRO-NT-120 Issued: 2017-2-24, Revision: 0

1.1The objective of this Notice is to inform CBs regarding ANSI's process for the implementation of new requirements put into effect by Singapore on October 1, 2016.
3Effective Date
October 1, 2016.
4.1The government of Singapore has renamed the organization responsible for implementing the APEC MRA and has reissued its standards with new references and dates. Info-communications Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore has been renamed the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore and the compliance standards have been renamed and reissued to reflect this new name. NIST has established criteria to be used to designate CBs within the US to these new requirements to ensure that the transition is completed prior to the deadline Singapore has provided. The deadline provided by Singapore for complete transition to the new requirements is April 1, 2017. NIST has indicated that the elements for the re-designation to the new requirements should be complete and provided to NIST by early February 2017.
4.2Accordingly, if a CB is presently accredited to the Singapore requirement and wishes to be accredited to the new requirements, ANSI is requiring the following elements be completed and provided to ANSI by January 23, 2017.
a)a list of IMDA standards for which accreditation is sought;
b)the scopes and certification of accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 for your supporting laboratory which includes the applicable IMDA standards;
c)if applicable, contractual arrangements and associated ISO/IEC 17025 scopes and certificate of accreditation to covering the relevant IMDA recognized standards, and;
d)all updated CB documents that implement these new IMDA requirements.
4.3If all elements are in order, ANSI will issue a new ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation certificate to the CB which includes the new Singapore requirements. An accreditation certificate based on the IMDA requirements will be need when applying to NIST for designation to IMDA CB scopes.
4.4For further information, contact Reinaldo Figueiredo (