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Clarification by EPA WaterSense for Market Surveillance

PUBLIC NOTICE PRO-NT-122 Issued: 2018-2-23, Revision: 0

Attachments  watersense-marking-checkl.xlsx
References WaterSense Marking Requirements Checklists Version 1.2 January 25, 2018
1.1The objective of this Notice is to provide guidance to ANSI assessment team members in reference to requirements emphasized by EPAWS on February 1, 2018 in view of past experience of CB and the CB clients for market surveillance sample collection, evaluation, and notification to EPA in time.
EPA- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPAWS- EPA WaterSense
3Effective Date
February 1, 2018
4.1Market Surveillance of Products (Annual Surveillance)- Assessor may add a line item in agenda to ask CB the status of informing all of the CB clients, for 15% sample collection. It is expected that within 6 months they will be able to complete testing and inform EPA the outcome. In the case model #s are not available, by any means, EPA must be notified, so that they will drop the model from "Public Search Tools".
4.2CB Evaluator (Certifier) is expected to administer a verification process for label use, mark use in:
a)Packaging having all of EPAWS marked product
b)Packaging have a part of EPAWS marked product with other non-EPAWS product
c)Review spec sheet, before reprinting
d)Review CB Client website for proper mark/label usage
4.3Feedback from scheme owners
ANSI assessor to ask CB, if they have received any Violation notice from EPAWS about any of the clients they have for any product, for non-compliance
ANSI assessor to ask CB, if they have received from EPAWS feedback for any incorrect statement about listing details, they provided to EPAWS
4.4Marking Requirements Checklist- Version 1.2 has been released (see attachment)
4.5For further information contact Reinaldo Figueiredo at

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